Trading Activities

DufEnergy Trading SA plays an active role in the main European wholesale power markets. With a multi-year experience in the Italian, German, French and Swiss markets, we are now entering other mature continental markets as well as some markets in Eastern Europe. We trade both financial and physical contracts, offering our customers tailor-made solutions to match their individual needs. Our deep understanding of the different market mechanisms and our strong competence in analysing the relations between hubs’ prices are the core strength of our team and the key to our business success.

Relying on an experienced international gas team, DufEnergy Trading SA is an active natural gas shipper in Europe. We deliver natural gas to our customers across Europe exploiting our pipeline transportation and storage network, and trade at the main hubs and cross-border points. Under a well-recognised Group with strong financial background, DufEnergy Trading SA works with municipalities, traders, wholesalers and industrials. We offer flexible solutions and structured products to our customers.

DufEnergy Trading SA started LNG business in late 2012 and soon entered into sale and purchase agreements with both major players and new entrants in this expanding market. Since then, DufEnergy Trading SA has been successfully delivering a number of physical LNG cargos to its customers, while diversifying its LNG supply portfolio.


DufEnergy Trading SA is an active player of OIL financial markets. We trade both Crude oil (BRENT, WTI…) and refined products such as Fuel Oil. We are specialized in offering structured solutions for the implementation of hedging strategies to our customers.


Precious Metals
Taking advantage of Duferco Group long-term relationship with the main mining groups and also thanks to the personal relationship of our trading team with the main associations/buyers, DufEnergy Trading SA decided to start a new precious metals (gold, platinum, silver) trading activity.

DufEnergy Trading SA has identified new business opportunities in recent developments of renewable energy certificates and emission markets. For this reason we started working with our customers helping them to manage and optimize their portfolio.